Social Media Guide for Start-ups: 7 Tips to Maximise the Power of Social Media

Social media marketing efforts are pivotal for increasing your start-up’s brand awareness,

acquiring new customers and distributing content. Social media allows you to reach a plethora of

consumers with ease. Learn how to use social media with these 7 tips:

1. First and foremost define your target audience! Ensure you have a firm comprehension of

who your customers/target audience are, what they are seeking, how they are spending

their time online and what content they engage with.

2. Commence by using one or two social media networks where your target audience is most

likely to use and spend time on. Don’t overwhelm yourself with several social media

networks at once! Build and nurture a following on one or two social media channels and

then moving onto other channels. To build a following time is required.

3. Ensure that your social media strategy approach reflects your business culture and branding.

Be true to what you are attempting to convey your business and brand personality as!

4. Ensure you have a posting and content schedule that is consistent and frequent to engage

your followers.

5. Wondering what sort of content to share on your social media channels? Do some research!

Research how search engines are displaying your desired keywords in search results…this

gives you an indicator of what you are competing against and the type of content being

displayed using the desired keywords, for example, videos or images. This further provides

you with an indicator of the type of content to focus on creating.

6. As always content is always king so remember that quality content gets rewarded. Create

and share quality and interesting content on your social media channels. Engage your target

audience through quality, educational and valuable content. Don’t over do it with

promotional posts!

7. Create and maintain a relationship with your followers and engage in

conversations/responses with them regularly. Don’t spend all your time talking and

listen/respond to your customers.

8. Measure your progress and set relevant and useful metric goals to gather! How much traffic

is being driven to your website from social media? What are followers responding to on your

posts and what content is generating more or less interest? You can then adjust your social

strategy tactics, messaging and content overtime relative to information gathered from your

metrics and progress.

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